27 October 2012

Merry Christmas, etc

Maybe a little bit early, but Cat Christmas Decorations are for sale now!!

And you can also purchase cat & paw magnets....
Please see FOR SALE (CATS) page!


12 October 2012


Due to high demand from dog owners..........now Dog Fridge Magnets are available! :-) 
Please visit FOR SALE (DOGS) page! 

犬のマグネット作りました。FOR SALE (DOGS) のページを見てください。

10 October 2012

Mural work 2

I went back to Ashby C of E Primary School to finish off the rest of the mural - this time it's on the fence! It was quite hard to paint as each plank was overlapping the next one... 
It's hard to explain but I had to paint more than just the front surface of the fence in order to make it look good  & straight etc. (See 3rd photo). 

Anyway, the lovely teachers at the school wanted a street scene here so kids can play with it. So I did a bit of research on Ashby town centre. I hope people will recognise some of the shops... like the fish & chips and Bulls Head Inn! 



I'm very pleased with it, especially as I was a bit worried about how it was going to turn out. I really didn't want to mess this up! I did a detailed chalk drawing first, which is something I don't normally do. Glad I did!

When I was comfortable with the finished result, I added a hint of smiles (for me!). 
Look, there's Danger Mouse!! And my Rebel cat, on the windowsill at the house numbered 23!!!!! (Check out my other obsession here: myfavouritenumber-23)


02 October 2012

Cat Earrings & Necklaces

Another passion in my life....CATS!

Please visit my FOR SALE (CATS) page!

こんなアクセサリーを作ってみました。FOR SALEのページを見てください。