11 March 2014

Butterflies, beetles, Irish & Scottish moths!

I have been busy expanding my Lepidoptera range...yes, I made some butterflies!! 
So far, I made Marsh Fritillary, Chalk Hill Blue, Purple Hairstreak (male and female), Scotch Argus, and Chequered Skipper. 

As well as butterflies, I was asked if I made any other insects. I thought it was about time I made some, so here they are, Noble Chafer and Cock Chafer beetles. They look rather cute.

I'm going to visit Northern Ireland to meet moth-ers over there this month. 
So I've been working on Irish Moths! 

Here are Burren Green, Grey, and Irish Annulet. 
Hope Irish Moth-ers will like them!

One of other events I would like to go one day, is the recorders' meeting in Scotland!
There is an event this weekend, which I can't go to, so instead I send my little PR colleague - Rannoch Sprawler. Hope he'll get passed onto a great moth-er!!! :-)