23 March 2022

2022 So far

At the end of 2021, I had a commission for making Moth and Mushroom Christmas Decorations!

I do enjoy making mushrooms....

And of course some 3D butterflies for Scottish Butterfly Conservation. 

In order to work hard, I must procrastinate. 
My wonderful Mother (not Moth-er. Mother as in Mum) sends me boxes of handcrafted chocolates every year. 

So, I made a miniature of them. 

How cute are they!? 

29 June 2021

2021 So far

I had some moth and butterfly related commissions.

I really enjoy making these "background" items such as this - a dead leaf.

And here's a 3D model of Elephant Hawkmoth on fuchsia.

21 January 2021

Hello 2021

 The last time I wrote anything here was February 2019. I had a lot of very enjoyable commissions since then. Here are some of them...

Light and Dark Crimson Underwing

Olive Crescent on handmade leaf & Scarce Merveille du Jour

Ground Lackey & Crescent Striped.      Straw Belle & Chalk Carpet

Orache and Beautiful Marbled


I had a quite productive year. Although there weren't any events to go to, I had enough orders and lots of OTHER things to do. 

The year started with Pine Tree Lappet. And then an army of Orange Tip magnets for Butterfly Conservation's Mother's (Not Moth-er's) Day promotion.

Made a new range of badges and magnets... 

And I spent hours on our almost derelict driveway, watching 6-7 Elephant Hawkmoth caterpillars feeding on the willowherbs. 

I had a couple of wonderful commissions, but for sad occasions. 
This one is a full set of Scottish butterflies in a frame. 
I made a food plant for each butterfly. This photo above looks like a 2D painting... 

But they are definitely 3D!
And here's the finished product. 

Another one was a pair of Marsh Fritillaries and caterpillars. 

I have a couple of thing on the go at the moment, so I'm sure you'll get to see them here in 2022. 

During the lockdown I fell in love with Baby Yoda, so I made one, which works as a Christmas decoration as well. 

07 February 2019


I now have Greeting Card style cards for sale.

Size: 18.2 x 11.7 cm
Blank inside
Price £3 each 
Postage £1
White envelope included

If you are not sure which card to get....

Top Left - Gold Spot moth for Golden anniversary
Top Right - Silver Y moth for Silver anniversary
GOAT moth if you want to send a card to someone who's the greatest of all time
Bottom Right - Old Lady moth for your dear friend 
Middle - Moth trapping scene for somebody who loves moths, or for Mother's Day. (Size 14x14cm)
Bottom Left - True Lover's Knot for Valentine's Day / Wedding, for example....

*These are PRINTS of my own original drawing.
If you are in the UK and ordering one for this year (2019)'s Valentine's Day, please order by 11th February. 

01 February 2019

Hello 2019!

Time flies when you are not doing anything!

And  I can't believe that the last time I've updated this blog was.....March 2018! Oops.

These are what I've made / painted / drew since then.

Commission work:
Pencil drawing on paper for a "First Wedding Anniversary" gift.

Some models of moths for Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council.

Some models of mushrooms for Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council.

Badges of Anania funebris (White-spotted Sable Moth) for Butterfly Conservation

Chequered Skipper for my regular customer.

4 Micro moths, Marsh Fritillary's life cycle, and "moth&butterfly scene" for my another very regular customer. :-)

For the "moth&butterfly scene", I can't find the photo of it right now, but I'm very pleased with this part in particular.....Very tasty looking red currant! 

And I did another commission piece but I can't put it here as it's not gone to the recipient yet.
Maybe you'll get to see it next year....

While feeling busy I've made something for myself.... A T-shirt of my favourite people from MotoGP's Ducati garage.... And a portrait of Masashige Kusunoki for my dear friend. 

The rest of this year, I'll be attending Butterfly Conservation's Butterfly Recorders' Meeting on 30th March, Garden Moth Scheme's Conference on 31st March, and then Butterfly Conservation's AGM sometime in November (I hope!).

01 March 2018

Bugs and things

In the last few months I was working on commission works for various people and organisations...and the kind of works were very different from each other so it was great fun, as well as required a bit of planning than usual!

Painting shieldbugs on fabric. After "thinking about it" for good two years, I've finally done it and it's been really good fun.

And then, leaflet illustration work for Warwickshire District Council.

And made second Netted Carpet, second Brown Hairstreaks, and Frosted Orange with Foxglove as commissions.

Made some more moths and butterflies in frames for events...some of them didn't make it to the "Insect for Sale" page as they were sold straight way!! 

It feels like I'm doing the moth inventory for ever...A very good way to keep my ID skills refreshed.

And the most recent work for Buglife and Plantlife. Again, something different, but very exciting project....Insect on Stick!
I had to make them more robust than the normal insect models as they are not in frames and they will be handled by people at events etc.
While making them I had a few CATastrophes involving a naughty cat and one of those models, but it was a very good way to see how robust my models were.......

This is Purbeck Mason Wasp

If you want to find out why I made those....please look up "Back from the Brink" project or go to...

I'm very proud to be making something for such wonderful people!

I'll be seeing wonderful people at 
Butterfly Conservation meeting on 24th March and 
Garden Moth Scheme event on 29th April.