06 December 2014

Etsy - HachiwareArt

Since so many people suggested that I put stuff on Etsy, here it is, my shop!

Only got a few selection at the moment. 
Not QUITE sure how it works, but let's see! 

23 November 2014

Events etc

Well I had a busy month with 2 AGMs to attend!

I had to re-stock my moths and create new butterflies, and most excitingly, I made a new game,

It's a "Sudoku" on an A4 board with magnetic bits and you use moths and butterflies instead of numbers. I had this idea for a while, but it took me quite a long time to decide what materials to use. 
Well it's here now!

It's £13 per Lepidoku. 

At the AGMs, I had a bigger version to demonstrate.
Quite few people had a go but only got properly completed once! 

Both Butterfly Conservation's national AGM and Warwickshire Branch AGM were held in Warwickshire, so I didn't have to travel long distances, which was a bonus!

Many thanks to Butterfly Conservation for having me at their events and promoting Hachiware Art on various media, and many many thanks to those who came to my stall!!

30 August 2014

New moths, etc

I have made a few more species!
Bedstraw hawk moth, Angle Shades, Comma and Brimstone butterfly. 

If you would like to order, please email me.

AND, don't forget to check out Butterfly Conservation's online shop...yes, you will find some of my badges there! 

イブキスズメ、ヨトウガの一種(Phlogophora meticulosa)、キタテハ、ヤマキチョウです。

ちなみに、イギリスの蝶類学会(Butterfly Conservation)のオンラインショップでも、何種類か販売させてもらってます。よろしく!

15 April 2014

Successful Northern Ireland trip!

I had a great time in Northern Ireland. Stunning views of different habitats everywhere, and so many lovely moth-ers and other nature people! Thanks to Northern Ireland Butterfly Conservation for the invitation to their recorders' meeting. 

Before my trip, I had a commission...
Bug o'clock! (with some Northern Ireland Specialities)

It was a lot harder to make, because I don't know much about other insects, and I spent ages doing research. Making their legs etc. was also time consuming, but I'm very happy with the result. 

I also made some dragonfly necklaces, which were sold out at this event. I shall make more! 

New butterfly species...Red Admiral, Purple Emperor, Small Tortoiseshell, and Pearl Bordered Fritillary. 

I'm currently working on a big order for the online shop of Butterfly Conservation! Yes, I'm going NATIONAL!! :-D





11 March 2014

Butterflies, beetles, Irish & Scottish moths!

I have been busy expanding my Lepidoptera range...yes, I made some butterflies!! 
So far, I made Marsh Fritillary, Chalk Hill Blue, Purple Hairstreak (male and female), Scotch Argus, and Chequered Skipper. 

As well as butterflies, I was asked if I made any other insects. I thought it was about time I made some, so here they are, Noble Chafer and Cock Chafer beetles. They look rather cute.

I'm going to visit Northern Ireland to meet moth-ers over there this month. 
So I've been working on Irish Moths! 

Here are Burren Green, Grey, and Irish Annulet. 
Hope Irish Moth-ers will like them!

One of other events I would like to go one day, is the recorders' meeting in Scotland!
There is an event this weekend, which I can't go to, so instead I send my little PR colleague - Rannoch Sprawler. Hope he'll get passed onto a great moth-er!!! :-)

15 February 2014

Cultural stuff, and moth, of course.

I was invited to a "Ukrainian Evening" by my friend, so I made her some Pysanky.
They are made of hard plaster, so they are pretty solid. 

Small ones are "quail egg" size. 

I've learnt about traditional Ukrainian designs. Very fascinating, and very beautiful. 
I really enjoyed making them, although took me AGES to paint one!

While playing with the plaster, I thought about making a face cast for a laugh.
But then realised it could get quite messy...so I made miniature faces instead.

This is a Kabuki version. Each face is about 3cm long.
Side view.

I am still making moth badges & magnets (and of course moth o'clock etc). 
Last year, there were a lot of people saying "Have you got XXX moth?" and my answer was "Sorry, I haven't made that species yet..."

This year, I hear a lot of "TOO MANY CHOICES!!"

:-) Yes, it's only going to get worse! :-)

I had this commission at the end of 2013. 
"Helcystogramma triannulella"

It's a micro moth, but my model is bigger than a Privet Hawk moth! 

22 January 2014


I made MOTH O'CLOCK today.  
It's a CD sized wall clock. So cute!!! 

I will have them at my stall at the Moth Counts conference this Saturday!


20 January 2014

Fake Moth Collection Part 3 & 4

Rannoch Brindled Beauty (Male & Female)
I have seen them when I went to one of David Brown's course in Kindrogan.

Luna Moth!
I've seen this a lot when I was a child. (In Japan!)

And some new earrings. 
Green Silver Lines, Garden Tiger, Merveille du jour, Death Head Hawkmoth, and Elephant Hawkmoth.

I will be at the Moth Recorders' Meeting in Birmingham this weekend, so come and say hello! :-)

03 January 2014

Stamford Gardens Mural, finished!!

The wall looked like this in the summer

And then like this in autumn/winter...

Now looking like this!

Thank you, Warwick District Council, and all the local people who came up and gave me very nice feedbacks! 
I'll put more detailed photos later...