12 January 2015

New moths & butterflies....and a caterpillar!

It's January and I see a caterpillar....!

It's a Puss Moth Caterpillar - my favourite!

Of course, he's a fake caterpillar, and going to go in a picture frame...

Here are the framed Clearwings.

I have also made framed Buff-tip and Death's dead hawk moth a few months ago.

And new species for badges / magnets!
Pearl bordered fritillary (re-made), Duke of burgundy, Wood white, Rannoch Brindled Beauty, and Vestal (4 variations).

07 January 2015

Moths Count 2015

I will have a stall at the National Moth Recorders' meeting in Birmingham on 31st Jan 2015. 

And these guys are on their way to be ready for their big day.......

Slightly enlarged Fiery Clearwing (Pryopteron chrysidiformis), Hornet Clearwing (Sesia apiformis), and Welsh Clearwing (Synanthedon scoliaeformis)

Hopefully you'll get to see them!