23 November 2014

Events etc

Well I had a busy month with 2 AGMs to attend!

I had to re-stock my moths and create new butterflies, and most excitingly, I made a new game,

It's a "Sudoku" on an A4 board with magnetic bits and you use moths and butterflies instead of numbers. I had this idea for a while, but it took me quite a long time to decide what materials to use. 
Well it's here now!

It's £13 per Lepidoku. 

At the AGMs, I had a bigger version to demonstrate.
Quite few people had a go but only got properly completed once! 

Both Butterfly Conservation's national AGM and Warwickshire Branch AGM were held in Warwickshire, so I didn't have to travel long distances, which was a bonus!

Many thanks to Butterfly Conservation for having me at their events and promoting Hachiware Art on various media, and many many thanks to those who came to my stall!!