02 September 2012


I have finished "rearranging" this blog and I now have Gallery page and For Sale page.
Only thing I've got to do is to make more things to put onto those pages!

After making the Death's-Head hawk moth pin badges I received a lot of good comments, so I'm going to make more of them, as well as other moths and insects.

I have started making Elephant Hawk moth and Garden Tiger moth, but I suddenly had an idea so I made those guys instead. My favourite Spectacle moth and Canary Shouldered Thorn (comical version!).



早速ベニスズメとヒトリガの制作を始めてます・・・息抜きでこんなのも作ってみました。和名が分からないけど、Spectacle (眼鏡)という蛾と、キリバエダシャク?の顔。