12 July 2013

Mural work

I have been busy working on 2 murals in Stoke Aldermoor, Coventry.

Great Year 6 kids from Aldermoor Farm Primary School helped me painting them, and they are going to be installed on the wall of a community Centre (LIFE Centre) which is located right next to the school.

One is War Memorial mural, and the other is nature mural.

1 mural is made up with 3 boards and as they were laid flat on the ground, I couldn't get the whole mural in one photo! 

I'll put the pictures up when they are on the wall, but this is roughly how they look!


This time last year I was involved with another mural work for Sowe Valley Project (Warwickshire Wildlife Trust).
FINALLY the boards were installed this week!!!!!

This one is my nature board.

And I did some sessions at the Aldermoor Farm Primary School, and some base painting (the swans and the tree) so community groups / schools can add their handprints!!

The under-paths are located under Allard Way, between Alan Higgs Centre and Lindfield Park.