17 November 2013

What a weekend!

I had a brilliant time at Butterfly Conservation AGM on Saturday! It's always nice to see & talk to people who share the same interest.  I just love seeing people's faces when they see their favourite moths (or trying to decide!) at my stall. 

Today, I went to a small park in Leamington Spa, and started on another mural project. It's a commission from Warwick District Council. The preparation work for the wall was completed last week, just in time for yet more cold & wet days.  As the weather was going to be ok today, I decided to just do it! 

It's a proper blank canvas and SO MUCH TALLER than I remembered.......!! 

This is as much as I could do - my arms are officially shut down. 

This is what it'll look like...roughly. 

It's going to rain tomorrow, so I hope that the paint will dry super quickly.................!