31 January 2013

Friend's new website

Pottery with a seaside theme!


26 January 2013

Moth Badges Revised

I have made a few more species over the last month or so!
We now have; Privet Hawkmoth, Death's head hawkmoth, The Passenger, Crimson Speckled, Garden Tiger, Lilac Beauty, Cinnabar, Flame Brocade, Green-silver lines, Pyrausta purpuralis, Pyrausta aurata, Scarlet Tiger, Magpie, Elephant Hawkmoth, Merveille du jour, Blood Vein, Eyed Hawkmoth, Laced Border, Lime speck pug, Netted pug, Light Orange Underwing, Orange Underwing, White Spotted Pinion, Ghost moth, Green Carpet, Streamer, Barred Yellow, Flame Carpet, White Pinion Spotted, Four Spotted Footman, Peppered moth, Clifden Nonpareil, Dark Crimson Underwing, Rosy Footman, Red necked footman, Chinese Character, Scarce Hook-tip, Dusky Hook-tip, Barred Hook-tip.

And then, Burnet moth caterpillar, Elephant Hawkmoth caterpillar and Privet Hawkmoth caterpillar. 

I added Buff tip face in the "face collection" too.

Please see For Sale (Insect) page.

I had an amazing day at Butterfly Conservation's Moth Recorders' Meeting today. I received SO MANY nice comments from people who came to my stall. THANK YOU, fellow moth-ers! 


今、こんなのがいます; エゾコエビガラスズメ、メンガタスズメ、アシブトクチバ、ベニゴマダラ、

ヒトリガ、イチモジエダシャク、辰砂蛾(?)、火炎錦蛾(?)、アオスジアオリンガ、メイガの2種、シタベニヒトリ(?)、スグリシロエダシャク、ベニスズメDichonia aprilina (ヤガ科)、静脈蛾、スズメガの一種、フチグロシロヒメシャク、ナミシャクの二種、カバシャク、クロフカバシャク、ニレキリガ、コウモリガの一種?、Colostygia pectinataria、Anticlea derivataCidaria fulvataトビスジコナミシャク、フタホシシロエダシャク、ヨツボシホソバ、オオシモフリエダシャク、ムラサキシタバ、シタバガの一種、ベニヘリコケガ、Atolmis rubricollisCilix glaucataウスオビカギガオビカギバ、Watsonalla cultraria (カギバガ科の一種)などなど