26 May 2016

This year's Butterfly Conservation's offer! 2

All 70 badges (and a couple of extras) have been completed!!

Yes, you will receive an Elephant Hawkmoth badge and other goodies if you join Butterfly Conservation during National Moth Night.

Making 70 in one go was quite hard work, but I managed to chicken-sit and make miniature chickens for my friend!

Very cute chickens!!!

21 May 2016

This year's offer from Butterfly Conservation!

Last year I had an order from Butterfly Conservation for 70 Convolvulus Hawkmoth badges so they could be included in a welcome pack for new members who signed up during National Moth Night weekend.

They would like to do it again this year! Moth Night weekend will be 9th - 11th June. So if you are not yet a member of Butterfly Conservation and you would like my badge, this is the time to sign up!

So far, I've finished making the shapes. Which species do you think they will turn into......??

06 April 2016

New brooch

Brown Hairstreak butterfly brooch is now added to my stock list. 

I'll be attending Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire Branch's Spring Meeting on 9th April. 

31 January 2016


Sorry about not updating the blog! I have been lazy.

Here is what I have been working on. Postcards in Japanese art style. 

Normally everything I make is "only one in the world" as I paint them individually and it's a NON STOP job, but for the first time I made prints of these. You can buy a packet of 5 (5 different designs) for £5. I will hopefully make more so you can have different designs in the future. 

I attended The National Moth Recorders' Meeting in Birmingham yesterday, and I had many good comments....and I remembered that I haven't updated this blog at all to promote this!