26 October 2017

More New Stuff

FINALLY we have Clearwings in the badge / magnet collection!!
After some years of thinking about the best way of making them (so that their antennae, legs and "clear" wings don't get lost)... I'm happy with how they look!

Six-belted Clearwing on the "ground" with Bird's-foot Trefoil
Currant Clearwing on currant leaf
Lunar Hornet Clearwing on poplar leaf
Red-belted Clearwing on apple leaf
Fiery Clearwing on dock leaf

And a new framed moth & caterpillar....The Sprawler! 

Also I had to make a commission piece with an exceptionally short notice, but I did it!
Small Blue and Green Hairstreak in a frame.

People often don't realise that smaller piece is so much harder to make than a big piece, especially as I MUST get the details right. 
Yet, people get a little disappointed that it's only really very small! 
Well, it's a little bit bigger than the actual thing, and making things as real as possible is what I do.
I'm very happy with them anyway!

HACHIWARE ART shop will be Butterfly Conservation's AGM in November, so if you would like to inspect my work very closely, please come and visit my stall!

03 August 2017

New stuff

New range of Framed FAKE moths added to the shop!

Also made some random RED ONIONS earrings....Anybody wants to wear red onions?

18 July 2017

Busy working!

I've been aware that my blog has not been updated since May 2016.... Well Hachiware Art is still very much active!

Here's what I've been making...

A commission piece - Netted Carpet with its food plant (Touch me not balsam) in a frame.

 Two commission pieces - Annulet and Scotch Annulet in a frame, and Bordered Grey and Square-spotted clay in a frame.

A commission piece - Cryptic Wood White in 3D form.

A commission piece - Chalk Hill Blue, Large Blue, Barred Yellow and Burnished Brass in a frame.

I will be going to Butterfly Conservation AGM in November in Cheltenham, so at the moment I'm making more framed butterflies.

Brown Hairstreak, male & female, a caterpillar and two eggs, if you can see them. 
Quite pleased with the tasty looking Sloe berries....

Purple Emperors... 

Creeping cinquefoil & Grizzled Skippers!