15 February 2014

Cultural stuff, and moth, of course.

I was invited to a "Ukrainian Evening" by my friend, so I made her some Pysanky.
They are made of hard plaster, so they are pretty solid. 

Small ones are "quail egg" size. 

I've learnt about traditional Ukrainian designs. Very fascinating, and very beautiful. 
I really enjoyed making them, although took me AGES to paint one!

While playing with the plaster, I thought about making a face cast for a laugh.
But then realised it could get quite messy...so I made miniature faces instead.

This is a Kabuki version. Each face is about 3cm long.
Side view.

I am still making moth badges & magnets (and of course moth o'clock etc). 
Last year, there were a lot of people saying "Have you got XXX moth?" and my answer was "Sorry, I haven't made that species yet..."

This year, I hear a lot of "TOO MANY CHOICES!!"

:-) Yes, it's only going to get worse! :-)

I had this commission at the end of 2013. 
"Helcystogramma triannulella"

It's a micro moth, but my model is bigger than a Privet Hawk moth!