27 September 2013

Framed Kentish Glory, and other moth!

"Fake Moth Collection" part 2!!
Kentish Glory

And I've been busy making MORE species of moth. Hopefully I'll have a good range by November, when Butterfly Conservation's AGM is held! (Yes, I'll have a stall there!).

New species: Pebble hook-tip, Black arches, Dusky scalloped oak, Swallow-tailed moth, Jersey tiger, Wood tiger, The Lappet, Peach blossom, Oleander Hawkmoth, Bird's wing, Blotched emerald, Alder Kitten, Pinion-spotted pug, and Acleris emargana (micro!!!)

蛾の標本 第二弾、ケンティッシュグローリー。日本にはいない蛾のようです。