24 November 2013

Stamford Gardens Mural Project - Progress!

The weather has been quite kind to me, so I was able to paint quite a lot of the wall at Stamford Gardens, Leamington Spa.

From the other day

And this is today's work. The texture of the wall is really horrible, and I have to dab the paint on. Oh my arms!!!!!!!!! 

17 November 2013

What a weekend!

I had a brilliant time at Butterfly Conservation AGM on Saturday! It's always nice to see & talk to people who share the same interest.  I just love seeing people's faces when they see their favourite moths (or trying to decide!) at my stall. 

Today, I went to a small park in Leamington Spa, and started on another mural project. It's a commission from Warwick District Council. The preparation work for the wall was completed last week, just in time for yet more cold & wet days.  As the weather was going to be ok today, I decided to just do it! 

It's a proper blank canvas and SO MUCH TALLER than I remembered.......!! 

This is as much as I could do - my arms are officially shut down. 

This is what it'll look like...roughly. 

It's going to rain tomorrow, so I hope that the paint will dry super quickly.................!





12 November 2013

New product - Monarch!

"Development of Monarch Butterfly" brooch!

Caterpillar Cuff Links

And some micro moth badges.

04 November 2013

New species

I have been busy making more species for Butterfly Conservation AGM. 
Now I have over 70 species in total. 

Framed "Fake" Camberwell Beauty

New species: Beautiful snout, Old lady, Chimney sweeper, Mother Shipton, Dotted chestnut, Puss moth, Fisher's estuarine moth, Clouded buff, Maiden's blush, Purple cloud, Beautiful marbled, Pease blossom, White prominent and White Plume moth!