INSECTS for sale

Fake Moth / Butterfly  Last updated on 17 September 2021.
(Almost life size)

More examples available in Gallery.

Currently available moths (unless it was JUST snapped up by somebody else!)
Price does not include postage:

Silver Striped hawk moth and caterpillar (20.5x15.5cm frame)
Chequered Skipper (11x10cm frame)
Goat moth caterpillar (11x10cm frame)
Angle Shades on also handmade oak leaf (17.5x12.5cm frame)
Morpho butterfly (17x12cm frame)

Pin Badges / Magnets
£5 each +postage

Pin Badges / Magnets
£6 each +postage

Caterpillar Key rings
£5 each +postage

Smaller Pin Badges / Magnets
£2.50 each +postage

A packet of 5 Postcards 
A packet contains 5 different designs (Canary Shouldered Thorn, Hummingbird Hawkmoth, Brown Hairstreak, Lime Hawkmoth and Herald) and 5 envelopes
£5 per packet +postage

Front & Back
Size 14cm x 10.6cm

Greeting cards

Size: 18.2 x 11.7 cm
Blank inside
Price £3 each 
Postage £1
White envelope included

If you are not sure which card to get....

Top Left - Gold Spot moth for Golden anniversary
Top Right - Silver Y moth for Silver anniversary
GOAT moth if you want to send a card to someone who's the greatest of all time
Bottom Right - Old Lady moth for your dear friend 
Middle - Moth trapping scene for somebody who loves moths, or for Mother's Day. (Size 14x14cm)
Bottom Left - True Lover's Knot for Valentine's Day / Wedding, for example....

*These are PRINTS of my own original drawing.

£7 per set +postage

£7per set +postage

Life Stage Brooch
£7.50 +postage

Available in antique bronze or silver.
Monarch butterfly, Emperor moth male or female, Brown Hairstreak butterfly.

If you would like to order, or haven't found your favourite moth or butterfly, please send your request to:

Please note that larger orders (5+ of any one species) may take a little longer to be completed.