01 March 2018

Bugs and things

In the last few months I was working on commission works for various people and organisations...and the kind of works were very different from each other so it was great fun, as well as required a bit of planning than usual!

Painting shieldbugs on fabric. After "thinking about it" for good two years, I've finally done it and it's been really good fun.

And then, leaflet illustration work for Warwickshire District Council.

And made second Netted Carpet, second Brown Hairstreaks, and Frosted Orange with Foxglove as commissions.

Made some more moths and butterflies in frames for events...some of them didn't make it to the "Insect for Sale" page as they were sold straight way!! 

It feels like I'm doing the moth inventory for ever...A very good way to keep my ID skills refreshed.

And the most recent work for Buglife and Plantlife. Again, something different, but very exciting project....Insect on Stick!
I had to make them more robust than the normal insect models as they are not in frames and they will be handled by people at events etc.
While making them I had a few CATastrophes involving a naughty cat and one of those models, but it was a very good way to see how robust my models were.......

This is Purbeck Mason Wasp

If you want to find out why I made those....please look up "Back from the Brink" project or go to...

I'm very proud to be making something for such wonderful people!

I'll be seeing wonderful people at 
Butterfly Conservation meeting on 24th March and 
Garden Moth Scheme event on 29th April.