30 August 2013

Cats, dinosaur, wedding, etc.

I've been busy working on some commissions, as well as making things for pure enjoyment.

1. I made new cat badges for Bengal Cat World who's been selling my stuff at their online shop. 

2. Another friends of mine got married, so I made them a "Wedding Miniature". 
I do a lot of research & thinking when I make those miniatures, so I can highlight the most memorable items on their special day. I love making them though.

3. An exciting commission - dinosaur's foot replicate!!
It's supposed to be a foot of Utahraptor ostrommaysorum (I can't even pronounce this). 
I've never done dinosaur's foot, but I made quite a lot of clay figures in the past, so I had no problem. It was in fact, very enjoyable. 

Hmm, I can never get bored with my work!!!